Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kobe Vs Lebron

Christmas was a very exciting day as the Miami Heat faced the La Lakers. After all the anticipation leading up to the event the Miami Heat walked out the arena victorious.

They humiliated and completely embarrassed the Lakers in front of millions on Christmas day.

Kobe Bryant was closely guarded as the Heat defense suffocated him and caused him to force bad shots/turn the ball over.

As for the heat Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh as well as other heat players had good performances.

LeBron had a triple double, Bosh had a double double, Wade had 18(Injured Left Knee) and others were in double figures.

The game was a blowout pretty much the entire time, but became physical at the end.

Kobe and Lebron exchanged a few words, but i guess we'll never know what were said between the two.

Not to mention Kobe Bryant was booed by the fans. I personally don't see a reason for this.

It was a way of disrespect to a guy who bring 5 championships to the city.

Not to mention back to back titles as well. They should give Kobe Bryant much more respect and appreciate the work he's put into this franchise.

Nasty Posterization....ization

Check out this human highlight dunk by DeMar Derozan on Tyrus Thomas. Here a couple of pictures and videos below

Should suspended OSU players go pro!!!!

First of i would like to say hello and thank anybody who took the time to read this blog today.

As you may know 5 OSU players were suspended and if you didn't know one of those 5 players included Terrelle Pryor.

Prior was the highest rated quarterback coming out of high school as well as a highly recruited basketball player as well.

Terrelle Pryor is an athletic freak and the quarterback for OSU. Pryor as well as some of his other teammates auctioned of jerseys, rings, and other memorabilia. As a result each will serve a 5 game suspension.

So with that being said, do you think those players should go pro? I personally think that they should.

If they want to make money they might as well turn pro. Terrelle Pryor as well as boom could forgo their senior year and be definite lottery picks.

I guess we'll see how it goes.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Basketball on Christmas

Merry Christmas to all on this beautiful Christmas day. Here are the match ups on this Exciting NBA day.

Boston at Orlando(2:30 p.m. Eastern, ESPN)

Miami at La Lakers (5:00 p.m, Espn)

Denver at Oklahoma City (8:00 p.m., TNT)

Golden State at Portland (10:30 p.m., ESPN)

Eagles Eagles and More Eagles

First of i would like to congratulate the eagles on a very impressive win.

Not to mention overcoming a 20 point deficit to tie the game and then win the game in the last few seconds of the game.

Micheal Vick took a beaten against the giants but prevailed and stayed in the game. Micheal Vick put the eagles back in the game and simply won them the game.

Did you see Desean Jackson? He deserves credit as well. Together with Vick they produce a dynamic one two punch and are accountable for most of the eagles offense.

After Vick caught the eagles back up Desean Jackson sealed the deal in the final closing seconds of the game.

Guess how? A punt return that's right a punt return. After the punt, a few seconds later Desean Jackson found the end zone.

Vick is the main reason of the eagles success, but others stepped up as well and not to mention the eagles are sitting on the top of the division and could possibly win the NFC.

Micheal Vick = MVP..anybody has a problem with that?

Nfl Week 11

Today should be a very exciting sunday. There a great matchups going on around the league. Playing this week are the:

Eagles v Giants

Colts v Patriots

Packers v Vikings

Seahawks v Saints

Cardinals v Chiefs

Texans v Jets

Lions v Cowboys

Raiders v Steelers

Bills v Bengals

Ravens v Panthers

Browns v Jaguars

Redskins v Titans

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rookie Of the Year (RoY)

Who do you think will be the nba rookie of the year? I know many of you are thinking john wall, but there are also many other talented rookies. Here is a list of possible candidates:

John Wall

Demarcus Cousins

Blake Griffin

Derrick Favors

Eric Bledsoe, Evan Turner, Jordan Crawford and may more are other talented rookies as well

Here is a picture of the 2010 Nba Draft Class

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd "Money" "Pretty Boy" whatever name he wants to be called is the best pound 4 pound boxer on the planet. 

He's the undefeated (41-0) 5 division world champion. However, he's been in alot of trouble recently.

He's been accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, stealing her iphone, threatened to kill her and threw her on the floor.

As a result mayweather has been ordered by court to not be able to contact his ex girlfriends and his sons.

He was said to also have threatened his sons.

 Mayweather was charged with four felonies, 4 misdemeanors and many other charges.

Mayweather had to pay 31,000 for bail and could face up to 34 years in prison if he's convicted of all his

charges. We'll see how it goes.

7 foot 14 year old [future nba star]?

Check out this 14 year old 7 footer. Future Nba Star?